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What's Hot & Stylish in Hardwood Design

  • Dark stains are in!

    The top picks are ebony and jacobean stain colors. These dark colors give a rich and contemporary look.

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  • Distressed wide planks

    Large planks are growing in popularity with their beauty and fewer seams. Add distressing for a rustic look.

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  • Grey plank flooring

    Grey is modern, sophisticated and elegant. Easy to match with other color palettes.

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Exclusive Products

  • Dry Climate WoodNevada's dry climate poses unique problems for hardwood floors. Moisture makes wood swell, buckle and warp. Dryness makes wood shrink, causing gaps between planks. Woods that originate in wet climates or that are shipped through wet climates absorb moisture. This makes the installed product likely to shrink and show gaps after installation. Our planks are specially milled to match Nevada's dry climate by double air-drying and double kiln-drying. Then they are stored in our warehouse for an additional period to ensure that the finished product is acclimatized to this region.
  • Fast Floor Curing

    Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for years by hardwood manufacturers to cure finishes in the factory. Now the same technology is mobile, to immediately cure the finish in your home, on the job site, at your place of business. Compare this to conventional coatings where curing times vary from eleven to thirty days-which allows for your floor to be damaged or to exhibit early wear or loss performance. Residents no longer have to sleep away from their homes while the odors dissipate and the floor dries enough to walk on. Furniture and area rugs may be placed on the newly finished hardwood floor immediately after the UV-Curing process is complete. Business owners will have little or no down time after using this revolutionary technology. Perfect for residential and commercial re-coats as well as complete sand and finishing of new and existing wood floors.

  • Floorcraft has many specialty finishes to give your floor a custom look.

    -Aluminum Oxide: Alumininum oxide can be added to the finish to increase durability and wear. Floors with this finish can last years longer than polyurethane.

    -Oil-Based High Solid Finish: This thicker finish provides the rich look expected from a hardwood floor. It is typically associated with classic hardwood floors.

    -Water Based: This finish is low odor and fast drying. It provides a lighter overall appearance to the wood.

    -Anti-Slip Finish: This treatment can be added to any of the above finishes to improve traction. This finish is suitable for stairs and high traffic areas.

  • Floorcraft is proud to introduce our privately labeled citrus cleaner! Our product is specifically designed to be safe for floors, families and the environment. It has been formulated for all types of hardwood floors that are coated with a clear, unwaxed finish. The natural degreaser removes the toughest stains and the freshness of citrus leaves your house smelling clean. Cleaning your floors has never been easier. Just sweep away the dirt, spray the cleaner and mop. The cleaner leaves no sticky or oil residue and can be used on tile and marble surfaces, as well!

Popular Items

  • Hickory Planks
    Hickory Planks

    Hickory is a high performance wood that is extremely popular. It has high contrast and lots of character. This wood is exceptional as a wide plank.

  • Rift & Quartered Oak
    Rift & Quartered Oak

    The unique characteristic of this wood is the look. The wood planks alternate between flecked boards and long grain boards, creating visual interest.

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