You're Just 3 Steps Away from a New Floor


During the sanding process, we will remove the top layers of finish, wear, grime, and defects from your floor.


After a fresh layer of wood is exposed, we can stain your floor or apply a clearcoat. Natural stains will bring out the woody features, but kick it up a notch by adding color. Tres Chic!


Finishing is where some real magic can happen. We apply custom finishing features and then UV-cure your floor at the speed of light.

Custom Finishing Techniques

Hand Scraping Gives Worn Look

One of the oldest finishing methods in flooring. It can add a worn look and can be subtle or eye-catching.

Skip Sawing Old Mille Look

The ultimate step in rustic flooring. Gives that wild west or barn look!

Distressed Popular Custom Look

This popular technique involves beating and wearing the planks to give an aged appearance.

Burnt Unique Style

Extremely unique process. You won't find this in your everyday home.

Wire Brushed Opens the Grain

Show off those expensive grains you just installed. Wire brushing enhances the natural look of the wood.

Raised & Worn Pegs Old World Flair

Ready to really kick it up a notch? Set your floors apart with a truly custom look.

Hand-Edged Treatment Make Your Boards Pop!

Hand Edging accentuates the separations between boards. It really sets off a distressed floor.

Color Washing Alone or with Stain

Hardwood floors no longer have to be brown. Now your color choices are unlimited.

Custom Staining (Many More Options Available)

Cherry Traditional and Classic

Clay Modern and Earthy

Olive Warm and Soothing

Cappuccino Stylish and Subtle

Wheat Old World Charm

Black Sleek and Sexy

Sesame Soft and Warm

Cognac Rustic Flair

Choose Your Coating

Aluminum Oxide Durable Additive

Procoat Clear Polyurethane, Warmer Look

Water Base Fast-Drying, Lighter Look

UV Curing Curing at the Speed of Light

Choose Your Sheen

High Gloss Highly Reflective

Semi Gloss Medium Reflective

Satin Sheen Low Reflective